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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

More from the drawer

This pic us a self portrait showing me holding a pic of Granny from the drawer. She is wearing a dress made from kangas that I still wear in summer. She had it long before she first visited East Africa. I also found a postcard of a model of a ship built by my Stephen forebears which is in the Burrell Collection, photograph of postcard used here by kind permission of the copyright holders Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries. I also found, in addition to the items mentioned in the previous post, a small but lovely painting of ships some appear to be trimast tallships at night without a frame entitled "Moonglow". (The frame situation I intend on rectifying as soon as I am able.) If you know anything about the artist of the painting please do let me know. As I have done previously with some old torn family photographs like the one on the wall behind me.

If you come accross an album of a colonial family in India with tigers on the lawn it may be mine and is reported stolen. I would love it back as I had intended to publish some of the images in my book. I will happily accept it's return in confidence if required, with no questions asked and an assurance of no further action taken.

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