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Sharing a boundaries list I posted on Melanie Tonia Evans blog on Boundaries.

I shared this link on the post below by Melanie Tonia Evans.

have done a lot of boundary work in the past but now having a disability sometimes they have been exploited.  My boundaries are:  Honesty and respecting my property, intellectual property, work, experience, property, my own or my daughter's needs and possessions. As I respect others.

Not attempting to manipulate or bully me and supporting my goals. As I do not manipulate, only bully ineffective politicians who imperil lives and this is over their policy. Not libelling or slandering me or anyone else and not allowing others to do so. Not invading my privacy. Not disrespecting me as a human being or trying to diminish my achievements or my own or my child's human rights. As I respect others. Oh and words matching actions. (Integrity). And not disrespecting my parenting or interfering with my relationship with my child .I also refuse to be patronised or talked down to by my inferiors. It may help you to write your own boundaries list but these are mine and I have generally regretted not paying attention to them sooner. My journey into setting boundaries in my life began on reading the book "Boundaries" by Dr Henry Cloud PHD in 2003, I found it very helpful in defining my own boundaries and what I am not prepared to tolerate in my life. Here is a link I found to Dr Henry Cloud discussing Setting Boundaries in the sense I am talking of.

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