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Food and Drink: 
Canteen, London 2009
By Victoria Luckie
Canteen is a bad place to take vegans. With the menu consisting of modern English cooking the menu is heavy on meat.  Main courses include pork belly with baked apple, a daily roast and macaroni cheese. The only vegetarian option is the macaroni cheese. So if you are a vegan stop reading now.
Still here?  Then I highly recommend that you pay this restaurant a visit. With your best girlfriends. With its location doe-eyed male waiters and its location under the Royal Festival Hall the restaurant provides the perfect heated vista for a girlie Saturday lunch.
We drank a bottle of the light Italian Soave which was fantastic, floral, reasonably priced and got us recoverably giggly, without the resultant  banging head.  
The main course was roast chicken breast and wing (I really don’t like leg so the choice was great) which came with chips and garlic mayonnaise. It was lovely, but without gravy would have been too dry. We ordered the spring greens, onion gravy and carrot and swede mash to share, I was not sure about the sneaky inclusion of nutmeg in the latter.
Pudding was a toffee fudge sundae. It was divine. The ever so slightly salty butterscotch sauce offset the sweetness of the chocolate and the ice cream perfectly.
My only criticisms the lack of loo paper in the loo and the supermarket brand hand cream. The meal was £35 pounds very well spent. Go but take tissues.
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