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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

Op Ed on Syria and refugees.

I decided to put my opinions (which I have been relating widely on Twitter, facebook and various other social and other media for the last four or five years at least in one place).

In my view the current Syrian refugee crisis has exposed the lack of courage of many leaders in failing to intervene and remove or relocate Assad when he started arial strikes on his own people.

My view is that the most effective way of doing this would have been to relocate Assad in a similar way that Idi Amin went into exile after he brutally killed a lot of his people. In my view the best way to do this would have been and might be still to send in a targettted small and highly trained force, and to give him an option to leave now to agree a suitable location in which to relocate him into exile and co-operate with an interim govt. Or face the consequences. In offering him this choice considerably better than he has given to millions of Syrians. It might also allow him some chance to redeem his conscience. I also agree with the view tweeted yesterday by veteran correspondent Janine Di Giovanni that establishing a no fly zone is critially important. (In her view this should be the first step). In this way, and with the agreement of International leaders, Syria's neighbours etc. It would remove a point of contention, and buy a little time to find a representative govt, either deal with or rout ISIL and establish a new elected leader who is actually concerned with the welfare of the people of Syria.

I think the involvement of other Arab and international leaders including Syria's neighbours in addition to Israel in the process, peacekeeping and establishing an interim govt is vital and should be sought as a priority. The eventual reconstruction of Syria will be a massive task and one far too big for any nation alone. The implications of doing nothing for another four or five years are too horrific to contemplate.

Here us a link to the Political map of the neighbouring countries which I got from the nations online project:

Anyway that is my personal opinion for what it is worth.

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