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A video of my daughter Sheba Meribel Luckie from 2017

I have long suspected that with her love of polo and desire to sail she has inherited more of my Grandpa Lt Col. Frederick Arthur Stephen and his wife Marybel Stephen née Carlisle-Bamlet's DNA than her own Grandparents. She is named after my Grandma as I promised her on her deathbed having cared for her during her terminal cancer, my Grandpa having long since died.

I did not teach her these moves but she requested a Nerf crossbow and saluted at me when I photographed her riding out of a polo lesson. She is polo mad. My Grandpa sailed and captained teams, he was in the Cameronian Rifles and other regiments and was a WW2 war hero. Granny also played polo and her relatives were also Scottish some are in the pictures on the wall behind Sheba including my Great Great Grandpa FW Powell as a young boy. My Grandpa's photo album and some photos have been stolen I know who by, as has some paperwork, return it please I have reported you to the police and your company and various others and due to the sensitivity of my work will if necessary pass your details and pictures to the rebel army concerned. You really do not want that as I know one of you has children but if I am protecting mine. Do not make the mistake of thinking I will not go to extreme measures to do so.

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