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My comments on the recent Jezebel article on Johnny Depp / Amber Heard / TMG

As I wrote this comment in response to the Jezebel article but don't seem to be able to respond I thought I would stick it on a blog post instead. This is a summary of a few of my comments. 1) The ‘94 Walpole account in the linked timeline differs from the linked Walpole quote in the People article “’94: Walpole ““[Depp] leaped on my back...” Linked @People acct os same: “some ape” who was with Depp”..

2) This article fails to say who allegedly “reported” what to TMG and whether they brought this to court at the time of the divorce.

3) TMG are being accused of handling his finances improperly (and it looks to me like Depp has a strong case). I wonder if they also signed a non-disclosure agreement?

4) It seems they are assuming he is abusive. But based on what evidence?

There seems to be Heard’s account, and her friend’s account and an unverified text message that may or may not be true relating to him allegedly kicking her which the text message said he (Depp) didn’t remember at the time.

There’s also a lot of stuff about Heard being manipulative and a timeline of events which shows her doing things like file for divorce in the days immediately following his mother’s death. (Which is a pretty harsh thing to do to someone emotionally, especially given the headlines it would generate, and as far as I am aware there was no great rush on this so why didn’t she move out and wait a month to file? Maybe she was angry and wanted to hurt him?)

In any case without being there / him being found guilty / admitting it in court / evidence the court would no doubt ask for such as the testimony under oath and possibly a lie detector from her and her friends (Amanda de Cadanet and Amber Valetta) that were in the instagram pic as to whether she was bruised / told them about abuse that day and from Tilet Wright as to the phone conversation and the results of a drug and liver function test on both of them / medical reports from the time I’m not sure you can make the assumption that heard is telling the truth or that Depp is an abuser.

I appreciate it is difficult as, by it’s nature, domestic violence tends to happen behind closed doors and (having had a few stormy relationships myself) I don’t want to minimise that, but with the amount of security around them I’d think there would be some independent witnesses, even if only to noise. At the bottom of this page I have attached some screenshots of questions I put to Vanity Fair at the time of the Depp / Heard divorce / TMG accusations. There is more on the latter on my Facebook page from the time.. Just my opinion as someone who has an MA in International Journalism, wrote a dissertation called Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics and who is former Marketing Executive and Database Manager for IDG Media among other things. ON THE SUBJECT OF THE QUESTION OF DEPP'S NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTRY Also while I am on the subject of Johnny Depp (who I seem to have learned a lot about recently) I may as well address the question of his Native American ancestry with this link which explains how DNA inheritance works:

I found it when I was trying to understand where the trace amounts of Native American DNA that I was surprised to find in my own and my natural daughter's DNA results came from and why my daughter, though she shows as my daughter, only has traces amounts of British DNA - yet I have 39%. (Another close relative on my Father's side shares the Native American traces and a few others, in our case I have never heard of a family story of Native Americans but 3/3 relatives tested seem pretty conclusive to me). In summary, I don't know if Depp has done his DNA perhaps if it doesn't show up it just means he has not inherited these bits of his DNA soup, others in his family may have, or perhaps he has done so and knows for sure. In any case many of the base samples for these tests will be people living in that area now and may not fully account for migration or for huge swathes of populations either dying or having been killed off.

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