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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

Sheba shortlisted for MS Society Award - Young Carer category.

I am delighted to see that my nine year old daughter Sheba Luckie has been selected as a finalist in the Young Carer category of the MS Society Awards 2016. Sheba has been a fantastic help to me and incredibly brave and loving during what have been some very challenging years. The awards take place on 27th April.

Sheba then aged 7, August 2014 in my hospital room during a particularly scary relapse. Image copyright me. All rights reserved.


There have been a few local news stories about this (and a few errors which have now been amended online). Unfortunately they left out my career.

There will be further updates in the coming days as the awards were on Wednesday. Sheba was a runner up but it was a lovely day and she got to meet some celebrities, Keep an eye out for coverage. I have also been photographically documenting my journey with MS and am looking to exhibit or publish this story at some point as a personal essay. Do get in touch if you are interested in seeing pics I have posted a couple below as a taster.

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