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Sutton Place 80's find initially deemed fake sells at auction for £400,000.

  1. Article in Tatler today re bust of Alexander the Great that was dug up at Sutton Place in the 1980s

I understand this was the home of part of my family on my Paternal Grandma's side before it was sold to Getty. As the family were one of the oldest Catholic families in England And Catholics were persecuted in the time of Henry VIII, indeed one relative was executed for allegedly shagging Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth 1 tried to burn it down at one point, I think it it highly likely that it was buried by the family in order to hide it during the period of the dissolution of the monastaries. Tatler

I have written about the place (which I was taken to visit privately in the 80's with family) in my memoir. #SuttonPlace #History #VictoriaQuinHarkin #VictoriaLuckie

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