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Re Matt Hancock's article in the Telegraph citing emergency measures for people like myself:

Why doesn't Hancock quote who these so- called experts he cites are? I have been waiting for Direct Payments in order to care for myself from Gloucestershire County Council due since December 2018. I have MS and have had 7 -8 relapses since October 2018, 3 requiring hospitalisation. I am a lone parent so apparently will not be able to access my child who boards (to take her for CBT oe EMDR that she may need or for help with the chiropractor or to get an EHCP Plan.) I will also become deconditioned again and effectively a prisoner in my own home again, I think this is bullshit, I think these so called "experts" and I would like to know their names are bullshit. I am due for several urgent hospital appointments and MRIs anyway - which I cannot have locally. These are to establish whether I need to be moved to infusions or not because my MS has worsened since losing my Motability car and having to fight a PIP case. Many of the people I have seen from my joke of a council in a social work or so called care capacity have either had illnesses which can affect me anyway. It is pathetic that the Tories are once again using any excuse to try and create a war time drama. I propose sending Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson to an actual war for 4 months so they shut up about it. Meanwhile I consider myself a political prisoner and this move to be yet another dangerous attack on the disabled by an incompetent administration. I do not think it is a coincidence that I currently have several complaints in with the LGO and PHSO regarding my councils, the local major hospital etc. They are showing their true colours. I can provide evidence of how much help I need - I cannot even change my own fucking bra daily, or shower myself or get myself off my bed or onto a commode or loo in relapse. I'm having warning symptoms now. Let alone clean a pan.

Or take my bin bags out and downstairs. Or shop, or cut stuff, or change my bedsheets or clean the flat. I am also claustrophobic and have PTSD - which he knows and they all know.

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