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Here's what I think they should do re corona instead

Follow Italy's strategy of a Nationwide shutdown and self-quarantining from Monday eve / Tuesday. Before It spreads further.

Those engaged in Care of the disabled at home / in nursing homes or similar to either stay on site or self isolate outside this.

Fines and consequences for any emergency services worker working with symptoms.

The disabled using home care services to be quarantined for longer, or the carers must be the same person or people.

Those who do not use external services as with National guidelines.

Pay sick pay and emergency funds for those who don’t get it / are not otherwise in receipt of other money and self quarantining.

Fund boarding/ schooling / au pairs for kids of lone parents who work as emergency services workers. And hotel stays if needed for emergency doctors etc.

Cancel or postpone hospital appointments that are not emergency / vital / serious. Doctors to be the guide.

Reassess when they know how many people get ill.

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