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  • Victoria A.C Luckie née Quin-Harkin

An answer to an old friend asking how I am doing.

worried. i badly want to take Sheba on holiday because we have not done this together and she needs it - but I am concerned about going alone and driving long distances due to heat intolerance and whether my feet and health are up to it let alone whether I can afford it, I am also angry with all those people who have deliberately held me up with stressful situations like social services referrals, battles over when I could have been spending the time and money with her taking her to beaches and doing things we both enjoyed.

If I died tomorrow there would be a lot of idiots who contributed to that and who have no idea of the suffering that they have caused my daughter and I who would have an opinion on my life for the sake of gossip.

There would still be a lot of lies.

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