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A note regarding recent letters from my brother Michael-James Quin-Harkin.

During the last couple of weeks I have received a series of emailed letters from my (younger) brother Michael-James Quin-Harkin requesting my permission to sell the property in France which I inherited a share from on my Father's death in 2004 but have not yet been able to visit. My brother has, along with my mother and sister made my visiting and accurately obtaining the valuation necessary to sign a succession document reading the property impossible. Quite apart from the fact that the property will have just become more valuable, and likely to become more so, due to the tanking of the pound in relation to the Euro because of the nonsensical Brexit fiasco (making this a questionable decision financially I have previously told him I do not wish to communicate via him.​

As the mother of a young girl who has wanted and felt excluded from the multiple holidays in the property envisaged by my Father when he purchased it and enjoyed by my brother, sister, Mum and other relatives and friends of theirs.

In his recent emails my brother has made some serious and untrue allegations and inferences and asked many (over 40 in one email) questions not regarding the property. Many of which he knows to be untrue, or knows the answers to, or I have answered him previously.

A few of the things he claims and inferences in these emails conflict with facts and things he himself said in previous emails from the time (which I have kept).He has also tried to claim some sort of authority on behalf of my late Grandmother. This is also not true and has never been true.

Nor are any of his other baseless and mostly verifiably false allegations, inferences and claims.

He has also inferred that I somehow intend to malign my Grandmother in my book. In fact my Grandmother, with whom I lived for several years at various stages of my life, had read the first few chapters and was (verifiably) in favour of my writing it. She assisted me with some of it and I intend to include her writing.

Had I ever needed to use it I had sole legal power of attorney during the time my Grandma was terminally ill with cancer, as I was her carer. I also had her permission and authority to act on her behalf for a much longer period.

My Grandmother was Financial Director of my Limited Company. I was also the executor of her will and have all her paperwork.

My brother has repeatedly either misunderstood or deliberately misrepresented my Grandmother's financial affairs in these letters and emails, as well as in previous conversations with myself and very likely others.

In my opinion my brother is a person who has acted without integrity in this and many other matters.

If he has spoken to you about my Grandma's financial affairs or about my involvement in them please feel free to get in touch, as I would like to investigate whether, as in the past, he has libelled or slandered me.

Many thanks.


P.S. I am aware my brother's birthday was a couple of days ago and the timing of this statement, though, like the whole bloody situation is unfortunate, it is not as a result of his birthday but as a result of the letters I have received from him over the past couple of weeks.

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