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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie M.A.

Some of the reasons Johnny Depp might be a little miffed with Donald Trump.

Commenting on a recent Rolling Stone Articleon Johnny Depp's controversial comments re Trump I ventured to suggest that this may have been black humour and that, should Trump want to avoid similar comments than he might want to think about his policies. I was challenged as to which specific policies I was referring to so I replied with the short summary below: In the interest of disclosure I should point out that I am currently UK based but have a masters in International Journalism and follow US policy as a result of it's impact on both a National and International level. I do not personally know Johnny Depp nor the specific issues he alludes to but I have a fair idea of what many people are upset about: 1) Pushing through the Dakota Access Pipeline without adequate assessment of potential environmental impact and against agreements with the Native Americans who depend on the river, it's water and the fish for food and clean drinking water. Despite Obama's previously having stopped it. Allowing brutal policing and security tactics like use of dogs, hoses in winter, batons and firearms against these largely peaceful protestors. 2) The scaling up of immigration reforms and the often brutal removal of migrants who have sometimes lived in the US for many years. 3) The unrealistic hyperbole about getting Mexico to pay for the wall. 4) The undemocratic dictator style way in which he is treating the press and refusing to allow journalists he does not like or who challenge his views and policies. 5) The inferences he made during the campaign stages to dealing with black protestors which brought back and were intended to bring back uncomfortable historical echoes of the mistreatment of members of the black and ethnic minority / Native American communities within the US (of which Depp is apparently descended from at least one and probably two). 6) Trump's apparent failure to speak out on behalf of members of ethnic minority communities and his ignorance of some of the issues and challenges they face. 7) His repealing of Obamacare and replacing it with the inferior Trumpcare. 8) His pulling out of the Paris agreement on climate change and his apparent ignorance or disinterest in the scientific facts of climate change. 9) His nepotistic appointment of family members within positions of influence. 10) His use of the Presidency for personal and financial enrichment, whether that be by using official websites to promote Mar a Lago or hosting press conferences there. 11) His appointment of Pro Life individuals with frankly sometimes bizarre and archaic attitudes. There is much more. There is his attitude to gun control. His frequent insulting of people and, of course, the potentially scandal with Russia. Internationally a man like that is dangerous. I happen to have approved of his airstrikes on the Syrian airbase (though I would have preferred a more targeted ground approach - a criticism i also have of Obama). It seems to many, me included, that Trump is playing a very dangerous game of appealing to the lowest common denominator in order to gain and retain popularity rather than governing for the good of all.


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