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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie (née

My views on pets

Dogs I like (with live-in dog walker only and no dogs on beds or in living room): Springer Spaniels, Red Setters, (non smelly) Irish wolfhounds, Dalmatians, Huskies (in the right climate), Labs, my daughter like pugs. Actual wolves if wild and have space.

Dogs I do not want: Whippets, Greyhounds, Shiatsu, any dog on Tatler’s list of dogs for sloanes , any form of bulldog or bull terrier, smelly dogs, dogs like Dobermans, Rottweiler’s, or any dog bred to be aggressive etc. Yappy dogs, dogs that bark a lot or cry aloud. Dogs that are older than a puppy but are untrained.

Cats I would consider: Virtually any cat of any size including big cats (I’m particularly fond of cheetahs) if not smelly, in the correct conditions and with adequate staff.

Horses: Well behaved horses with nice natures that are not Shetland ponies. I do not do mucking out or grooming, daughter is keen to try. Preference for polo ponies.

Birds: Birds of prey, peacocks (quite fancy a white one on the lawn). Though generally prefer birds in the wild and would never have anything to do with clipping wings.

Pets I would not consider: snakes, lizards, scorpions, spiders and insects or fish, tortoises or terrapins in tanks. (I can and have lived among them in the wild). Sheep. Pigs. Pets in cages that require cleaning. Pets (except clean cats) in bedrooms.

I would not consider anything that impinges on my freedom of movement i.e. Without help / a pet sitter / dog walker / groom and do not engage in picking up dog poo, removing dog mess from carpets or irritating discussions about protracted pet custody battles.

N.B. Thought I had better explain that I have recently had to endure the fallout from a friend's relationship breakdown where the couple concerned shared dogs (and no, despite the parallels, it was nobody famous). I also have MS which affects my ability to exercise animals.

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