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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie M.A.

Fighting tactics of press repression

A fellow journalist friend Kris Wellesley who is an editor for the USA Today Network and whom I met whilst we were both studying for an M.A. in International Journalism at City University posted this USA Today piece online about how reputable US news organisations are protesting the White House holding restricted press briefings excluding other reputable new organisations including themselves. A couple of organisations the AP and Time have refused to attend in protest.

Someone asked "how do we fight back?" Kris Wellesley suggested by doing her job.

Well, as someone who has worked as a journalist, a marketing consultant, a photojournalist and a press officer this question got me thinking, and here is my comment, spell checked into US style English: Good on AP and TIME for refusing to attend. With all this excluding reputable news organizations I have to wonder how easy it will be in future for Trump and his family's business interests to court favorable media coverage of their businesses in future.

They could block any sponsorship deals they have going by refusing to cite for example the designers Melania and Ivanka and Trump family members wear to events and refusing to run the usual pretty pictures of them out and about at events other than to say they were there and whether it was appropriate or not. They could refuse to run cutesy soft coverage such as pictures of Trump golfing / Hello magazine type pictures and coverage with Baron. They could refuse to mention the name of places like a certain Trump owned golf club if he has meetings there, refuse to run pretty pictures of the place...

And recommence pointing out Trump's own brand of "fake news" and "alternative facts" by referring to them each and every time he uses the term. And questioning him either when they get the opportunity or in Op Eds and columns as to why he uses the term "fake news" when he / his administration have generated so much of it themselves.

So perhaps, in the long term, he (Trump) is cutting off his nose to spite his face?

(Post updated at 15.42 GMT (Saturday 25th Feb to include details of my friend (Kris Wellesley) with her kind permission.)

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