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My 2015 Poppy Lingerie idea

An other idea which I approached Vivienne Westwood, Primadonaa and The British Legion about in 2015 a couple of years ago was the idea of a high end couture lingerie design and a more affordable range featuring embroidered poppies. The aim was to raise funds for The British Legion and perhaps for war widows. It was inspired by a chat with a volunteer for The British Legion who was my 2014 driver to hospital when I could not drive due to MS and a really old car that had broken down. (My late Grandmother who I cared for was a was widow of a Cameronian Highlander and several relatives have been in various military posts). I also used to work weekends with the wives of some army and knew they generally bought new lingerie when their partners returned from overseas postings.

I later elaborated using some of the many beautiful poppy tattoo designs I saw on Pinterest but I felt that a couturier like Westwood would bring more publicity to the campaign. I felt the cheaper (La Senza price market) range could be pitched at John Lewis and the more expensive at Rigby and Peller (who I also tried to contact). I struggled to get a response from anyone (which, given that I have worked as a Marketing Consultant in the past, I found pretty odd). My emails were not returned and neither were my phone messages to the Marketing Director at the legion. The season after beautiful poppy dresses covered in embroidery started appearing in Vogue and on catwalks... N.B. As I informed my sister when offering her some free advice which she did not take on her slip business idea some years ago since my teens (when I did some local modelling). I have always preferred and bought really lovely lingerie and consequently know the market quite well. I also used to moonlight doing fashion shoots, portfolio and event photography for fashion shows a couturier models and friends in London. So I picked up a few things along the way. I always have creative ideas for designing or improving things and have worked as a Marketing Creative in the past. However I do not do more than basic web design (despite two or three courses and hence this site is a little messy.) I only use Photoshop for photography and not Graphic Design. Actually I prefer to work with a good Graphic Designer / creative team, I enjoy having people to bounce ideas off.

I have other ideas all the time and one or two are on Pinterest feel free to get in touch with serious offers of collaboration.

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