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My hot toddy recipe

My hot toddy recipe. I put this up on Vine ages ago. It is my own recipe adapted from a traditional family recipe while living with my part Scottish Grandma who was also the widow of a Stephen and a Cameroonian Highlander in my teens. I used to make it for regular customers who were feeling unwell while working at The Village Pub in Barnsley (Gloucestershire). Also it is what I drink when I get home for the night whenever I get a cold. I post it here so you can see the original and compare. There are more on my vine account Victoria Luckie.

The Delft tile was a gift from an old friend whom I met while working at Bibendum Wine and sadly lost touch with after she moved to Cannes and I to Cirencester and then Kenya.


Lemon juice

Clear honey

Lemon rind




Hot water

Paracetamol in line with guidelines (optional)

I make it lemony enough to do some good, and strong enough to make you sweat. I am going to try a version with chilli later.

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