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Another New Year's Eve Seventeen years ago by Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie (née Quin-Harkin

This ran in The Daily Express Millennium Special edition. My (cropped) picture and article also.

The letter arrived with the condolence cards during the days immediately following the death of my Grandmother M.I.L.Stephen from cancer whom I had been caring for 24/7 with help from my then husband Wanje (who was also working full-time at the time in a very physical job to cover our costs).There are other posts about our relationship here and our experiences living together in Cirencester and in Kenya naturally form very big part of my memoir Manners for The Modern Memsahib Tales of Poetry and of Swearing. My US Uncle my late Father's brother was not related to my Grandma who was my Mother's Mother and had barely seen or spoken to me all my life.

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