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RIP Lord Anthony Lietrim

We are very sad to have lost another dear old friend yesterday, this picture was taken on a blustery day. My daughter and I had visited Tony at his request at his daughter's home, where was living at the time, to assist him with a very stressful internet vendetta issue. I recall it getting late and being especially cold so we had ended up eating vast portions of Tony's truly terrible lasagne and then camping out together on the living room floor. As I have asthma and don't do well in cold or dust I had coughed all night and got no sleep whatsoever and Tony had managed only a little. My daughter Sheba on the other hand (who took this photograph on Tony's camera) had slept beautifully.My gratitude to Keith Griggs of Tanit Services Ltd for his sage advice at the time.

Image of my daughter Sheba and Tony taken by me at Beaufort Polo Club possibly on the same day as Tony took the profile picture of me used with his permission on this site.

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