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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

In praise of the Harrods Christmas Grotto

My daughter has been visiting Father Christmas at Harrods for years. Her first being the Wizard of Oz theme. I think this year was our best ever in terms of presents, how well thought through the whole thing was and how kind the staff on the day. I shared some images on my instagram and twitter accounts of the inside the actual grotto at the time. But here is Sheba opening her grotto gifts on Christmas Day last year. They were presented in a very practical green drawstring bag which Sheba is currently using at school to store her trainers.

N.B.I began this post on December 23rd last year and have updated the images. The grotto is sold out this year, don't worry we booked weeks ago. But Tatler magazine are running a competition to win tickets.

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