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A Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Through The Looking Glass at Fortnum and Mason

Having seen the beautiful but unfairly reviewed Alice Through The Looking Glass over the weekend with friends, and having to be in London yesterday we decided to visit this stunning display which is due to be dismantled on the 4th of July. The film itself reminded me rather of the inside of my jewellery box and home so the last pic is of a couple of items contained in it. The movie and the display and the detail generally are a joy. And I was pleased to find the perfume of the same name that my mother used to wear which inspired a fairy tale by the same name which I began writing in 1996/7 and picked up a couple of years ago, and which I am awaiting a publisher or a deadline, an advance, and a clear promise of publication to motivate me to finish.

N.B. The only thing I disliked about the film was the styling of Helena Bonham-Carter's head and the CGI of her palace / prison (I mostly loathe CGI but loved the Cheshire cat and feel that both Depp and Bonham-Carter could have been styled a lot better make up and hair wise and the effect would have been more appealing, more realistic and more in keeping with a fairy-tale). As it was I felt the extent of the CGI on their faces rather distracted from their performances, dimming down the considerable abilities of both actors.


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