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Found in drawer unopened since 2005 last night

Last daughter came rushing in to the living room last night with and tales of a secret hidden drawer and a long lost diary I did not previously know existed. See above pictures.

Katie refers to The Reverand Katie McClure (then a curate at Cirencester Parish Church). The salver she refers to is her late husband's silver ceremoial salver which she gave to my cousin Alex along with some antiques she had given them earlier.

The drawer is a bit like a time capsule for me and allows me to put dates to events I have written about in my memoir. Towards the end I suspect she was writing it more for me than for herself.

We have not yet finished exploring the drawer but have already also found a copy of my Great Grandma's will from the 1960's, a postcard from a Hendrix exhibition I attended in either the late 80's or early 90's in London, photographs the bomb crater at The Paradise Hotel bombing, my own calendar from the time of her death, Granny's reading list and a card from Kenya proclaiming her status as an alien.

Tomorrow is my Birthday and my daughter also found and wrote me two wonderful cards that I must have bought years ago intending them perhaps for my ex husband and Gran, which are perfect and like a birthday present from another time. I feel she is smilng down at me.

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