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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

Tracy Chapman

For those of you that missed it:

I have always found certain music very healing and Boxing Day is not a great day for me. But this Boxing Day was different as the Great Tracy Chapman chose one of my questions to answer. Tha above is a screenshot of the question from a link on my facebook page. You can see the original link with her answer for yourself on the url below. I have been a fan of Tracy's music since in my teens I first heard Fast Car. I still buy her CDs.

As those of you know who read my posts I sometimes write poetry and song lyrics myself, as well as writing stories. I found her answer quite interesting as we seem to follow quite a similar process except I don't write or play music (though as I listen to so much good music I occasionally listen to and comment on how a song could be improved). I cannot be that bad as I recall an old schoolfriend whose music I commented on said that some bloke I haven't heard on from the band Portishead (whose music I only vaguely, but favourably on the whole recall) had said the same thing about the same song. I would definitely not critique Tracy Chapman's timing!

Anyway here is the link:

There's one of my songs somewhere on my blog. Also the memoir may contain poetry as I have written quite a bit of it (though published very little) or I may get together a book or something eventually.

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