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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

Shower woes and poor service.

New Shower (which was not the one I originally chose at the shop he chose and took me to and which he quoted on as he brought something else that was unsuitable, nor was it from the same place) broke 4/12/15 and was stuck on and running hot. It was the 12/12/15 before I could get Eric out to fix it. In the subsequent 2 and a half years it has broken three more times. Eric has either ignored my requests for him to fix it or has tried to claim it is out of warranty. I have paid alternate plumbers when he has not replied. Most lately it has been broken for 8 weeks with the same issue. On one of these occasions a good friend who trains investigative journalists was using it. I await an engineers report on Tuesday prior to taking him to court as he also supplied the part and this is what Trading Standards have advised me to do. I am disabled and have had to use the stopcock under the sink (causing me pain to my back and impinged shoulder) every time we want to wash up or flush a loo. The shower is stuck on hot and the grouting hs been turning black. The only time he offered to sort it out he called (after 40 days and a threat of court action) on my mobile while I was driving in traffic in Tottenham Court Road having just left a hospital appt. He then did not return any of my calls, texts and emails. As you can see from the above I went out of my way to recommend the guy and to help him from the outset. I have been met with intermittent hostility and unreasonable behaviour. I now recind my reccomendation. I will post then and now videos, then one aready on my Vine account. Trading Standards, Corgi, BBC Watchdog notified.

See Vine link: Incidentally I have noticed from Google that there are other Eric Haines who are plumbers out there so there is no confusion I have posted his address. Eric is not the young, handsome lad in the picture online. He is approximately mid to late 40's slightly balding with very short hair. I think that facially he looks a little like a cod fish. I will publish his original quote, and schematic later.

4/11/15 - 8 WEEKS PLUS OF LATEST SHOWER ISSUES To update you on this, yesterday the people who supplied the part to the plumber (#Eastbrook) finally sent their very welcome engineer. (After weeks of waiting for #CityPlumbing obtained the quote to find the files and raise the documentation). I await the report (which I am informed will take 5-7 working days) I am hoping that the sales course that the technical person (Jody) has just been in does not result in an attempt to sell me into more work.

It is unclear to me why Eric Haines initially bought the (wrong) shower, stall and tiles and why he had to source the shower from Eastbrook, when I originally selected the shower, shower stall and tiles with him in Nexx Tile (a shop he took me to) and he asked them for the quote that I presume he based his on, I've called them to see if they still have a copy. Turning up with the wrong shower, stall and tiles added extra time onto the job. As did having to re source them. (The job was partially funded via a Disabled Facilities Grant and certain disability related criteria had to be met) I argued for a local tradesperson in preference to the large organisation who are on a deal with the council in order to support local business. I have had prior experience dealing with excellent tradespeople and builders whilst working as a press officer at Poplar HARCA on a huge social housing project in London. I have had similar experience managing vavious trades people in Kenya when I lived there.

I have to say it is a decision I'm not sure I would repeat and I'm pretty disgusted with the situation. 15/11/15 Report still not through. Have chased. Here's the original vine from 2nd September (several days after it broke first)

29/11/15 UPDATE - I recieved the report from Eastbrook (who make the shower parts for the shower Eric installed). The report confirms thier view that the shower handles were wrongly installled to begin with. My shower is still broken, dripping and going mouldy. I forwarded the report to EP Haines 4 days ago, see below, I have still not yet had any offer of a remedy nor compensation. I have an impinged right shoulder and arthritis in the facet joint of my spine and have been in pain while bending to turn on the tap at the stopcock every time we need to flush a loo or run a tap since late August.


Understand EP Haines is now living at 4 Bathurst Row, Coates.

An update to this issue: Today 16/03/16 having had eight months with either no flushing loos / ability to wash up or do the washing without the shower running full tilt. Thanks to the MS Society and The Churchwarden's charity a very nice different plumber is right now installing a new shower. No further word from Mr Haines. Hooray! Flushing loos and the ability to brush our teeth properly I'm going to celebrate by doing some washing, washing up and cleaning the loos properly.

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