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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

Proof of my 2012 hacking and also a copy of my views on govt surveillance particularly on journalist

I was meeting with Peace negotiators, asylum seekers and torture victims, and other sources confidential and otherwise when I was hacked. I saw the cursor move independently on my screen from across the room and mini copies of documents (like mini screenshots) close a couple of seconds after each document I closed. Confidential sources are important to journalists, as is being able to sit on some data to refer back to during investigations etc. I was working on a highly personal first draft of a memoir at the time. I went to the police, an interaction that proved highly unsatisfactory. I was also seeing misinterpretations of what was pretty clearly my private data and confidential medical notes online. So much so that I even called GCHQ to ask if it was them and if so if I could have a meeting with them to straighten some things out. At the time I also recieved what I belive to be threats. I was living in a property with broken locks and a five year old at the time and had limited funds and no car. When I eventually managed to get a locksmith to visit he played with his drill trigger near my daughter and was talking to himself. When my daughter asked if he was a locksmith he said "I'm a professional". He was not able to fit all the locks I had bought (my mother used to sell locks and fire safety equipment so I know a bit about them). I called the police to leave his details (they did not get the hint). After a few weeks I managed to get another locksmith to fit the same locks as I had asked. I had also suffered a number of thefts from my flat. There were to be more. I was in a relapse of MS at the time. I also have photographs of some of the people that followed me or stood outside the restaurant I was eating in alone with my daughter staring in at us for ages. Lastly thanks very much to Adam Taylor for the link at the time (it was an organisation in Japan registered for among other things doing contracts for security organisations). Also thanks for all those who did actually help me out of a situation that saw me referref to the Child Protective Services, have to refute several reports, and my 5 year old interviewed alone. Good riddance to those that made a bad situation far worse by assuming I was making up my life rather than using a simple google seach. Below is one example of how my confidential medical documents from UCLH arrived in February this year. I have been reporting this and issues with mail being wrongly delivered for years and have involved CDC, The Post Office and my MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown.

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