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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

Why I deleted Paul Bull from my Facebook acct.

The above are just a few of many of my responses to Paul's posts on my Facebook wall. These included accusations that I did not care about abducted children (because I focussed on the statistics and other elements of a story that I had been covering for several years, I have been covering child soldiers far longer, and had at the time recently travelled to Northern Uganda to make a documentary on). He also hinted severally and inappropriately about several of my personal relationships. Comments that in the context of a pub or a UK newroom of the 70's might have been passed off as banter but not in print and over social media in an International setting. I responded privately to try and explain and keep our friendship and received a stream of vitriol, untrue accusations and accusations. He claimed to have helped and supported me in my career. In fact he gave my daughter and I a lift on a short press flight when he was working in PR and also on one occasion in 2001 or 2 he took me to Heathrow with him to photograph survivors of an airport shooting. He implied this was the start of my career, if you look at my cuttings you will see it was not. I live in a small town where there a lot of people who cannot cope with a woman having similar qualifications or a deeper knowledge of situations. I have many more screenshots which I will not post, I am happy with my response in all of them, and that my tone was generally conciliatory. His were anything but. I was concurrently getting abuse from several other people on and offline. My online accounts were being hacked and I was experiencing a lot of stress personally and careerwise.

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