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  • Victoria Alexandra Cabrini Luckie

The British Museum This Week

This fellow is in The British Museum this week, along with a Manga exhibit and talks. I've been a Manga fan since I was very young. Here's a link to more info. The museum has a fine collection of mummies and sarcophagi, which is nice for Halloween. We went with children on Monday and there were all kinds of expert volunteers with artefacts that you could handle and hear about in the Roman section.


The best café for kids is left at the entrance and straight through the gift shop, a couple of galleries and upstairs. You can get a sandwich box and three items from the kid’s section (selection included sandwiches - ham or cheese, grapes, juice, carrot sticks or cold tuna pasta, and brownies) free with a hot adult meal. Ours came in a themed mummy lunchbox. Bottles of tap water and glasses are free, or a selection of drinks is also available to buy. The Mezze is good value and included in the choices are: tsatsiki, pitta, salad, falafel, baba ganoush, cous cous and curried cauliflower.

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Original post 28/10/2015 Update posted 30/10/2015 - see pic of one of the mummies here I have more available

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