A friend I have been copying in on evidence sent to the International Criminal Court of the delay by the UK government in handling Covid 19 asked recently after how we were doing personally, the answer is we are doing OK at the moment. Despite the best efforts of some.


I was at the National Hospital For Neurology and Neurosurgery yesterday morning at 10am to see a speech and language expert (as my voice keeps sounding drunk when I am sober and sometimes I choke)and there was an old man who had some kind of cold. 

I was in a...

worried. i badly want to take Sheba on holiday because we have not done this together and she needs it - but I am concerned about going alone and driving long distances due to heat intolerance and whether my feet and health are up to it let alone whether I can afford i...

Originally posted in mid December 2015 and later updated

Although we are different skintones Sheba is my natural child, the picture  above was taken by her Papa, my ex husband, when she was five days old.

Her middle name is after my Grandmother Mary...

September 22, 2018

Sister bitch

Inveterate liar

Butterer up

Of daughter

But you cannot

Keep the mask

In place.

Sister bitch

Claiming that


Asked you to

Stay away

From your niece

And that is why

You have not called
Or visited

Sister bitch

Disbelieve her symptoms

As you disbelieved mine

It’s easier for you


Poor kid, meth head,

child abuse,

one more excuse

for Mommy not to get clean

Verse copyright V.Luckie
written just now in the UK and as a Brit therefore subject automatically to UK copyright law.

Will work this up later - this was inspired by reading this news story...

I sometimes have wild and very detailed dreams, it is a fact that for example, some dying relatives have sometimes visited me in dreams since childhood. Today I had a very beautiful dream that I wanted to remember and I wish I could share visually.

I dreamed toda...

I thought I would take a break from the conflicts and human rights abuses of parts of Africa and write another review about Macarons for a while.

These come in a box of twelve. They are organised left to right with two of each of Vanilla, Pistachio, Coffee, Strawberry...

How times have changed in Edinburgh
Once Witches Slain
Now Back Again
On May Beltane.

My latest poetic offering for today, 1st May.

A little poem I wrote yesterday in less than five minutes on a tweet. It was inspired by the short article on Beltane festivities in The...

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Addressing some misinformation regarding me and my darling daughter Sheba.

December 23, 2018

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