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Tony's pic of me Beaufort polo 18:07:15.


I founded Alex Cabrini photography in Kenya in 2002. I use the name Alex Cabrini as I also write under my birth name of Victoria Quin-Harkin or my former married name of Victoria Luckie and as they are my middle names.I have an MA in International Journalism (broadcast with merit) from London's City University where I specialised in conflict. My thesis documentary was on the LRA and post conflict Uganda. My dissertation Is called Lies, Damed Lies and Statistics and is about reporting on Africa and the LRA in particular. 


I studied photojournalism in 1998 at The London School of Photojournalism and had previously worked in print journalism and photojournalism in the UK, Europe and Africa. I have also worked in other careers including freelance, as a database manager, marketing consultant and creative. There are examples of my work on this site and and on linked in under Victoria Quin-Harkin. I am also a published poet and I write memoir and stories and am now also a screenwriter and hopefully executive producer. Much of my work is not online.  And am a single mother of one. I also have MS. I try my best to largely keep the latter as irrelevant to who I am as a person or what I want to do as possible. But you may have seen me on a billboard for the MS Society in 2015.


In 2004/5 I had to take down my own site after I discovered that a programmer I had employed to build it with me posted private and personal pictures I had taken of a friend without my consent. There was also pornographic advertising posted on the site without my knowledge or consent. I am now working on a memoir. I got divorced in 2015 following a long separation and and my marriage was declared invalid last summer (2016). As we have a child I haven't decided what to do about names yet and did not change my name. Until today.,I have gone back to my maiden name.

Picture of me used with kind permission  of the late Lord Anthony Leitrim 2015 all rights reserved. 2002 pic at bottom of page taken by my late Grandma I think. The contents of this site are my copyright. Yes the Mitsubishi on the left was my car.

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